Mike Frasier Listens to Music and then Writes About Music (working title)

The wait is over! All you millions of fans out there have been waiting eagerly for so long, and finally my world famous blog has gone public. Huzzah for humanity!


Seriously, what is this all about? This is a blog about new music and new thoughts about music—that’s it. I’ll be the one choosing and listening to said new music, and that of course would make me Mike Frasier. Yes, the very same Mike Frasier from the title of the post you read earlier. Can you believe it? But I suppose you want to know who this Mike Frasier person actually is…


Mike Frasier is me! Furthermore, I am a music lover from Detroit making my living as a personal trainer in Chicago. I could tell you all about the amazing personal training career I’ve had, my personal journey as a lifelong fitness enthusiast, or how to get a bigger chest in 8-12 weeks, but none of that has anything to do with new music nor my thoughts about it. What’s more pertinent to this blog is that I play tuba and piano with Presidio Brass, an touring brass quintet that is a driving force in music education and advocacy around the country.

Why is that important? Well, because creating and sharing music is what I do, because it’s what I have done my entire life. I began piano lessons when I was six, and picked up the tuba five years later. Throughout my childhood I was surrounded by fantastic teachers and mentors that engorged my musical curiosity, not to mention unwaveringly supportive parents that forced me through the hardest years. I went on to study tuba performance and music theory at the University of Michigan, where I graduated with two bachelor’s degrees in the summer of 2014. Two years later I had two more degrees, this time master’s degrees in tuba performance and music theory from Northwestern University.

Long story short, I have spent a lot of time with music over my life. Consequently, music to me is less of a diversion than it is a way of thinking. I’m constantly driven by a desire to feed the endless musical reel that plays on in my mind, expanding and updating my mental repertoire to keep things interesting. As a result, I’ve become a ravenous consumer of music recordings (by consumer I mean listener and not buyer—this is the 21st Century, after all). This has culminated in an experiment that has spanned the last 3 years or so in which I listen to as many new albums as humanly possible: 137 albums in 2014, 184 albums in 2015, and 208 albums in 2016. That’s a lot of music. Do I remember all of it? Hell no. What does it even mean to remember music? That’s part of what I’m after here—what’s the point of listening to all of that music if I don’t preserve my thoughts about it?

For each new post, I will first listen to one new album released in the same year. Then, much as you have seen thus far, I will write my thoughts sporadically as they come to me. These aren’t album reviews, though I may seem critical at times. There likely won’t be any interviews with real musicians, either. In fact, I’m not really hoping to achieve anything by publishing my random thoughts about music. My only hope is that someone out there will find my thoughts as interesting as I do… ergo, blog.


Author: Mike Frasier

Musician, Educator, Writer, Entrepreneur.

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